Significant FDA Action Already Reduces Steroids in Certain Retail Stores -

Significant FDA Action Already Reduces Steroids in Certain Retail Stores

The FDA letter sent on December 15th is one of the most important and commendable actions against the proliferation of anabolic steroids in the United States of America since the passage of the Orale Steroide kaufen, as well as the significant enforcement actions. Unfortunately, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act did not restrict the widespread availability of steroids, which it simply ushered in in a new era of designer steroids. By providing a list of those who were “illegal,” he pushed prohormone manufacturers to look for new compounds or name old ones, using obscure nomenclature to confuse the authorities. This recent decisive action by the FDA could change the landscape and is already seeing evidence of its effect, but much work remains to be done.

The letter began as follows: “This letter addresses serious public health concerns related to products that are sold as dietary supplements but contain the same active ingredients as FDA-approved drugs, analogs of active ingredients in FDA-approved drugs. or other compounds such as newer synthetic steroids that are not considered dietary ingredients.

He continues to take serious enforcement action. “Manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and distributors should not expect a warning to be issued if the FDA detects potentially harmful ingredients in products sold as dietary supplements. The FDA recognizes that active ingredients at meaningful levels do not randomly appear in a product marketed as a dietary supplement – somewhere in the supply chain, the active ingredient is incorporated into an ingredient or finished product. Actions that pose a threat to public health should expect a quick and decisive agency response. ”

The threat of significant and immediate action without any warning is what is needed to ultimately control the flow of these dangerous products. This action is just in time, as the situation really got out of control. An example of one retailer using such products demonstrates the problem and the effect of the FDA.

When we first mentioned on September 15th on our blog, despite many efforts to the contrary, prohormones are still widely available today, we found 84 products listed as prohormones. As we noted on December 12th on our blog, new designer steroids are emerging at an alarming rate, 15 new products in two months! The explosion of such products was astounding as the number of listed prohormones increased to 99! Today we went back to and were thrilled to see evidence of FDA activity. Today the number of prohormones on offer is 75 and declining three weeks after the FDA letter, a clear sign that it is being taken seriously.

However, as we speak, there is still a lot of work to be done. One of the most egregious examples is the Competition Edge Labs M-Drol product. Although it was listed under the FDA action against in late 2009, it has remained on sale with a number of retailers since then. A new label has been added to the sales page for M-drol: “This product is discontinued. All sales are final, “another sign that the FDA letter and possibly our communications have been effective.

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